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4 best ways to save money with easily learned DIY skills

DIY to save money

1. Car repair

There are some repairs that are possible to perform yourself, regardless of your skill level. Most of the knowledge you will need can be easily learned from YouTube videos or other online sources.

Easy: checking your own fluids, replacing your own fuel and air filters, and changing your own oil

A little harder: replacing your own brakes, replacing your own rotors, and changing your own fluids

Check out EricTheCarGuy's YouTube channel, which is dedicated to the art of auto repair and helping the do-it-yourselfer.

Don't even try: Changing A Clutch, Rebuilding A Differential, Mounting And Balancing Tires, most body work, and anything to do with windshields, airbags, or AC.

DIY car repair to save money

2. Energy optimization

Some household fixes can save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills. Here are a few easy fixes that can save you money on your monthly electricity bill:

-Installing dimmer switches

-Using energy efficient lightbulbs

-Replace AC filters

-Insulate hot water lines

-Plant a deciduous tree on the south, west, or east side of your house. (Bonus: some municipalities will provide and plant ornamental trees between the sidewalk and road, free of charge. Just call up and ask).

-Use a ceiling fan (even in the winter, as it will recirculate the warm air that rises to the ceiling.)

-Use a surge protector, to automatically power down multiple electronics when you leave

-Replace refrigerators, furnaces, and water heaters as early as necessary. You may even be able to take advantage of a tax credit for energy-saving upgrades.

Get a Nest thermostat, which programs itself and automatically helps save energy when you’re away (and can even be controlled using your phone, tablet or laptop.) The initial investment will pay dividends in the long run.

Read more about these and other tips at This Old House

How to save money on your electricity bill

3. Basic Home Repairs

If something in your home is beginning to break or wear out, it's wise not to delay the repair; a quick fix could morph into a major repair project. But, if you keep on top of basic home repairs, fixing some things yourself can save you mountains of cash.

Simple repairs:

Replace a light switch (Be sure to turn off the circuit breaker first!)

DIY Home repairs to save money

4. Pest control

Depending on the type and severity of the infestation, it's wise to call in a professional exterminator. But, minor pest problems can easily be handled with a little know-how and some diligence.

Especially in cities, bedbugs in particular are a rising epidemic. The idea that they only inhabit dirty, cluttered apartments is actually a misconception; they eat blood, not food (like cockroaches), so they will go anywhere humans are. Anyone can pick up a straggler from a cab, hotel bed, movie theater seat. While inconvenient, it is possible to treat for bedbugs yourself. Read more at Bedbug Solutions.

DIY pest control to save money

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