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Parenting on a budget - Part I: Diapers

Living in New York City does not come cheap, and doing it with a baby can be even more financially overwhelming! Everything seems twice as costly with a baby involved; and formula, groceries, and a generally astronomically high cost of living can make parenting in the city a challenge.

Cheapest place to buy diapers

However, never fear - it is possible to stick to a budget even with kids in the mix. This week, we team up with the parenting and early childhood experts at to alleviate the stress of at least one expense (and a large one, at that): diapers. When you're using up as many diapers as most households with young children do, even a little bit of cost savings can go a long way.

So what is the cheapest place to buy diapers? Visit to read on. is a great resource for new parents as well as seasoned veterans. They recommend the best toys for developing minds, provide expert opinions play, early childhood development, and more.


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