The 11 best paid survey sites of 2022

The Top 11 Best and Most Legit Paid Survey Sites Reviewed

Even with a little bit of spare time, it is possible to earn some extra cash (without even leaving your couch) with online surveys. The trick is filtering out the time-wasters from the surveys that are actually worth your attention.

You can begin earning money online right now with our 11 top paying survey sites:

+plus look out for $20 in bonus signup offers!

  1. SwagBucks +$5 bonus signup offer

  2. MyPoints +$10 bonus signup offer*

  3. InboxDollars +$5 bonus signup offer

  4. Opinion Surveys by Toluna

  5. QuickRewards

  6. SurveyDownline

  7. AMPSurveys

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top paying survey sites

#1 top paying survey site

SwagBucks SwagBucks is one of the most popular and legitimate paid survey companies in existence (and they boast an A+ Better Business Bureau grade). If you're looking for one of the best paying survey sites around, look no further: in total they've given out over $130 million in survey rewards. You can earn up to several hundred dollars a year depending on your time spent. SwagBucks is the #1 top paying survey site for the time invested that we have found. +$5 bonus signup offer

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Best paid survey sites 2017

#2 top paying survey site

MyPoints In addition to surveys, MyPoints offers several other ways to earn daily rewards including visiting sites, signing up for offers, or even just opening emails. Points are redeemable for merchandise or gift cards. MyPoints is a close second to Swagbucks for top paying survey site. +$10 bonus signup offer*

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Best online survey sites that actually pay

#3 top paying survey site

InboxDollars Get paid for reading emails, searching the web, taking surveys, and much more. You also earn $5 just for signing up. +$5 bonus signup offer

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Online survey sites legit 2017

#4 top paying survey site

Opinion Surveys by Toluna Opinion Surveys allows users to get paid for sharing their opinion by taking surveys online. Give your input to brands and corporations while influencing future products and services. Share your opinion to win gifts, cash, and test products.

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Taking surveys online for money

#5 top paying survey site


In addition to earning cash for completing offers and surveys, you can also earn by watching videos, listening to the radio, clicking ads, shopping online, reading emails. QuickRewards has some of the highest paid surveys online: they have a great variety of always new offers and surveys, weekly payments via either PayPal or check, and additional free contests with good prizes.

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Survey sites that pay cash 2017

#6 top paying survey site

SurveyDownline SurveyDownline is a service where members can take paid surveys and earn cash for their opinions.’s goal is to make it easier, faster and cheaper for all companies and organizations to connect with their current and prospective customers to improve their products, services and offerings. A legit survey sites that really pays.

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high paying survey sites

#7 top paying survey site

AMPSurveys AMPSurveys is a market research and rewards website that offers users the opportunity to get paid for their opinions. AMPSurveys is a high paying survey site: the number of i-Say points you earn for each survey depends on several factors, including survey length. Points don't expire as long as you remain an active member. Earn at least 500 i-Say points to redeem for gift cards (, iTunes® Codes, Starbucks, Facebook, and Target gift cards offered) or PayPal transfer; contests and prize draws are also offered automatically any time you complete a survey.

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Earning money online with surveys

American Consumer Opinion American Consumer Opinion is made up of several million consumers worldwide who get paid to participate in surveys and research projects. The panel currently includes over eight million men, women, and children throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Help evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you think. One of the top paying survey sites that we've reviewed: the average survey will take 10 minutes or so to complete, and the questions are usually easy to answer. Earn at least 1,000-Points (equivalent of $10) to cash out by PayPal transfer.

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Best paying survey sites 2017

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Why would a company pay me to take a survey? What, you don't think your opinions matter? The truth is, there are a LOT of companies out there that must do their own market research to remain competitive. This can mean creating surveys and polls, conducting focus groups, observing in-store behavior, and many, many other methods which can be very expensive and time-consuming. Their goal is often to get data on a piece of the population they are not currently selling to, (which means that they can't just ask their existing customers), so they contract 3rd parties that hold a special expertise in gathering data. That's why you see surveys from "survey companies" like those listed below, not the actual company you've heard of like Tesla or Pizza Hut.

Best paid online survey sites of 2017

These survey companies need to gather a lot of data to show the original company, to help them make better products or design a great new product. And since they are getting paid a lot of money to collect responses, they are willing to shell out some money to hear from you, the average consumer.

How much can your opinion be worth? Well, this depend, really. Some of the best paid online survey sites pay very tiny amounts per survey, but the surveys are FAST - sometimes 1-2 questions. Some take longer but have a correspondingly higher pay rate.

How much money can I make with online surveys, really? Since you're just looking for some extra cash during your odd free time, but nothing consistent, you might not expect to make as much per hour as from a regular job. But the key is flexibility (meaning you can work whenever and wherever you want, and for how long you want), so that is the trade-off. HOWEVER, if you know where to look and get very good at finding the right surveys, you can make significant earnings. The trick is to find survey companies that are legitimate, trustworthy (pay quickly, reliably, and on-time), and have good payoffs. That's where we come in:

We have selected paid survey sites that are: +Convenient +Trustworthy +Give you a good return on the time invested +Keep your data private

Below we have compiled some of the best survey sites to make money online with a very minimal time commitment. Some will earn you a few bucks with almost no additional time required, while others can have substantial earnings potential with a little more dedication.

Earning money online with paid survey sites

The following survey sites are Sweepstakes only:

Take short surveys for a chance to win much larger rewards!

LiveSample Survey LiveSample is a fun and simple way to participate in online surveys. LiveSample rewards you for sharing your opinion with leading market research companies. Get entered into a $50000 sweeps for every survey you complete, and multiple daily survey submissions improve your chances to win.

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Top paid survey sites of 2017

Shopper's Voice Shopper's Voice is a premier marketing survey where smart, value-conscious shoppers join to share opinions and influence the brands they care about most. Not only do these surveys help companies conduct valuable market research, but they also make members eligible to receive free samples, money-saving coupons, and special offers.

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online survey taking site no scam

Publishers Clearing House Publishers Clearing House is America's most trusted and respected sweepstakes marketer. With more than $240 million in prizes awarded and counting, the company continues to generate significant public response.

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highest paying online survey sites

Enjoy your extra cash from these top paying survey sites!

online earning opportunities

Tips for making the most money while taking online surveys:

Do some simple math to determine which survey will pay you most per hour. If a survey's estimated completion time is 10 minutes and it pays $2.00, this is a rate of $12.00 per hour (because you could complete 6 of these surveys in one hour). If another survey will take you 15 minutes to complete and pays $2.25, this equals a rate of $9.00 per hour (because you could complete 4 of these surveys in one hour). Your hourly rate is better with the first survey, even though you are paid less per survey. Start with this one, and then you can complete the second survey later if you still have time.

If a survey site claims the surveys will take you 5 minutes but they end up taking you 10, you are effectively cutting your hourly rate in half. Do not waste your time with sites that pull this stunt, there are plenty of other options for you to choose from out there. After awhile you will be able to determine which surveys you are able to complete the fastest, and you will also become faster at completing them with practice and as you get used to the type of questions they ask. This will increase your hourly rate.

Try a few different survey sites to determine which are getting you your best rate, based on their payment and the amount of time that they take you. This is different for every survey-taker, so keep at it.

The sites listed treat your private data with respect. But if you are nervous about giving your email address to a survey site, create a separate email address just for survey sites, or use a service like 10 minute email, a temporary and disposable e-mail service which will give you enough time to signup with the survey site's confirmation email.

Remember, be honest. Your data is anonymous, meaning nobody will know who gave which answers. You don't have to try to say the "right" answer (and you can sometimes be penalised for contradicting prior responses or giving inadequate answers), so just say what you really mean.

Avoid scams - there are some out there. If you stick to reputable sites with positive reviews, you should have no problem. A sweepstakes is one thing (and often have great prizes), but remember: if they are guaranteeing a free product to EVERY survey taker, it might be a scam. Don't ever pay to join, there are enough free survey sites with good payouts that you should never need to pay a fee to sign up.

Keep track of the limit or threshold to cash out. Once you get there, cash out immediately so you don't forget.

Try many! There's no limit to how many different paid survey sites you can sign up for, so try many and see which you like the best, and which pay you the most for your time. Oh yeah, and have fun.


For more ways to earn money online, read our article "11 ways to earn money at home".

Top paid survey sites of 2016

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