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11 ways to earn money at home

We have compiled some of the best ways to make money online with a very minimal time commitment. Some will earn you a few bucks with almost no additional time required, while others can have substantial earnings potential with a little more dedication. All of these offers are vetted, reviewed, and verified, so you can rest easy and start earning immediately.

Earning money online

You can earn money right now with:


1.) Your regular browsing habits If you switch your default browser to Bing and enroll in Bing rewards, you can earn money for the regular internet searches you are already doing.

you can earn: up to $200 a year time commitment: no additional time

2.) Your old emails Download Paribus for free, and sit back while it scans your email archives for receipts from Amazon, Target, and many other retailers. If any items you've recently purchased have dropped in price, Paribus automatically requests the refund, less a small commission.

you can earn: $unlimited, depending on your purchase history time commitment: NONE after initial free download

3.) Your old mail A market research company called SBK Center will give you Visa prepaid cards in exchange for junk mail. Identifying information is removed from your solicitations from cable providers, credit card offers, car insurance, etc., and used in consumer research. When they're done, everything is shredded and recycled so your privacy is 100% protected.

you can earn: up to $20 in points every 6-10 weeks time commitment: a few minutes a week (prepaid envelope is provided!)

4.) Your regular grocery store receipts Ibotta is an app that will give you a cash rebate on your grocery store purchases - all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt with your smartphone. You can continue to shop at your regular grocery stores and buy the things you normally buy. Sign up and get an instant $10 bonus.

you can earn: $substantial, depending on your purchasing behavior time commitment: minimal

5.) Opening new emails Earn daily rewards by visiting sites, signing up for offers, or even just opening emails. You can also use MyPoints to get up to 5% cash-back on qualifying purchases, in addition to points you can redeem for merchandise or gift cards.

you can earn: $substantial, depending on your time spent and spending habits

6.) Watching videos InboxDollars will actually pay you to watch videos (and a few other easy tasks), plus $5 just for signing up.

you can earn: up to $20 in points every 6-10 weeks time commitment: a few minutes a week

7.) Taking the occasional survey Research companies will pay people like you for your opinions on products you are already using. SwagBucks is one of the most popular and legitimate paid survey companies (A+ Better Business Bureau grade) in existence. In total they've given out over $130 million in survey rewards.

See out complete list of recommended survey sites here.

you can earn: several hundred dollars depending on your time spent

8.) Your old books Use Bookscouter to compare the money you will get from 20+ different book buy-back companies. Then get just prepaid shipping labels (meaning there is no cost to you) and ship them out. Bookscouter ensures you are getting the best price for your book buyback.

you can earn: $substantial, depending on your books time commitment: minimal

9.) Other people's lawsuits Sometimes, companies you've purchased from in the past may have class action lawsuits brought against them for things like fraudulent advertising. When use happens, you will often be eligible for a cash payment as compensation. Although settlements can reach $10 billion a year, many victims never get compensated. Simply go to, find products you purchased, fill out the easy claim form, and get your check in the mail.

you can earn: $substantial, depending on what you qualify for time commitment: minimal

10.) Earn money while saving more money Seashell is an app that will round up the purchases you're already making (only a few cents at a time) and deposit the money into a separate account - plus a free 15% bonus from Seashell. Automating your savings has the added benefit of encouraging you to save more, PLUS a free $15 on every $100 you're saving anyways. The money you save and earn can then be spent in any way. Use code GQGgaF when you sign up and get a free $2.00 to start you off.

you can earn: $substantial, depending on how much you save. time commitment: NONE after initial free download

11.) Signing up for cash-back shopping sites Ebates will give you a free $10 gift card if you sign-up as a new member and earn your first cashback rebate (Target, Walmart, Macy’s, or Kohl’s).

you can earn: substantial, depending on your time spent and spending habits

Enjoy your extra cash!

online earning opportunities

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